Conscious Vibrations and Water

I am you, and you are me.

Consciousness (or fields of energy by which we are all connected) connects our feelings with our mass reality and interacts as we can NOW show how, through documented responses and relationships to electrical and magnetic fields in the human body.” Alan Jones

Conscious Vibrations and Water
Conscious Vibrations and Water


We are now at a point where science has given us that reason for our logical mind to make connections of how we are related and influence the world around us, and to believe that consciousness connects our feelings and our mass reality.

These fields of energy, by which we are all connected, interact in human immune response, climate and weather, peace and war, cognitive abilities, etc. show documented responses and relationships to electrical and magnetic fields in the human



body. The human heart is documented as the strongest electrical and magnetic field in the body, and is designed to alter both. This affects and influences outcomes. According to Gregg Braden, “It is less about Attraction, but more about Mirroring”! Consciousness can create abundance and prosperity in all aspects our lives.

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Water, which has consciousness and memory, is the missing and often overlooked piece of the consciousness enigma. Everything we do and feel is connected to the universe and begins to make more sense. We are in fact a moving body and a majority of water, able to connect psychically with other bodies of water. It is quantum entanglement at an exponentially larger scale. This really truly is a new era of awakening where in the past few decades, we have re-discovered, as well as discovered some of the most important discoveries that have ever been made in recorded history.

Consciousness Hidden

According to credible sources in the field, the spiritual chanting of “Olm”, almost mimicking the healing vibration of the sun, the holy water and the baptism, all take on a new meaning with these scientific discoveries. But have they always had this meaning? There is evidence to suggest that these related scientific relationships may have been held from the masses. If looking outside ourselves for answers that lie within, man has been kept on a merry-go-round or distracted from true enlightenment for a very, very, long time. When you consider that we are water and some humans have had the willpower to ascend into self disciplined masters of themselves, it makes sense that they may have arrived at these findings intuitively many years ago and it is only now with science, can we discover the real truth behind it all.

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