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Now, a budding entrepreneur…a former “top producing” corporate Account Executive (computer sales), and Senior Systems Network Engineer for a Fortune 100 company (specializing in encryption technology for satellite broadcasters worldwide), “top producing” mortgage team member, wind generation data engineer for largest energy company in the world has joined the ranks of those who demand self-determination, which identifies three innate needs, that if satisfied, will allow optimal function and growth:

  1. Competence – Seek to control outcomes and experience mastery
  2. Relatedness – The universal want to interact, be connected to, and experience caring for others.
  3. Autonomy – The universal urge to be causal agents of one’s own life and act in harmony with one’s integrated self; however, not independent of others.

These needs are seen as universal necessities that are innate, not learned, and seen in humanity across time, gender and culture.

Chief e-Inspiration Officers

Alan and Judith


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