Barry Sands, Criminal Defense Lawyer on “Let’s Talk Money” August 12, 2014.

Barry Sands – Criminal Defense Lawyer was a recent guest August 12, 2014 on “Let’s Talk Money,” a new and interactive radio show hosted by Conrad Negron. Mr. Negron’s Barry Sands on Lets Talk Moneysense of humor and quick wit moneyradio1200dotcom_logoallows for an entertaining, yet informative perspective on the financial sector.

Barry Gerald Sands, Esq. criminal defense lawyer who just moved to the desert (home and office in Indio), from Los Angeles and enjoys a tremendously successful record as criminal defense lawyer “to the stars” in Hollywood, “…Exclusively Criminal Defense since 1974.”

Barry’s interaction  and persona comes right through as most genuine as he discusses “Tips to Avoid a Conviction,” “What to Read to the Officer,” and what to do “…If Pulled Over for DUI” with Conrad during the interview as well as cases and names of some of his star studded (household name) Hollywood clients who he has favorably represented! Hear the interview and see what a “real” lawyer is all about, and why Barry says his cell phone number is “…the only number I give out!”

Listen to the recorded broadcast and see why you should have the best criminal defense representation possible, and why you should take advantage of Barry Sands Law services!”

Great proven legal advice from a great human being!

Click now to listen to Barry Sands on “Let’s Talk Money” with Conrad Negron archive.

Contact: Barry Sands – Criminal Defense Lawyer


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