Judith Carr – CA Life Agent on “Let’s Talk Money” with Conrad Negron – 1510 KFNN, Financial News Radio

Judith Carr – CA Life Agent, WFG/Transamerica was a recent guest July 28, 2014 on “Let’s Talk Money,” a new and interactive Judith Carr special guest on Let's Talk Money with Conrad Negron, July 28, 2014radio show hosted by Conrad Negron. Mr. Negron’s sense of humor and quick wit moneyradio1200dotcom_logoallows for an entertaining, yet informative perspective on the
financial sector.

Carr shared insights (which her company, as Conrad points out is owned by Aegon and is “…the largest insurance company in North America and Canada”) on insurance products, and how they have changed as the topic dove-tailed perfectly with Conrad’s program which covers topics pertaining to all things money, current Judith Radio2investments, money management, entrepreneurial endeavors, real estate, and the ever-changing energy markets.

Judith Carr’s interaction and persona comes across most genuine as she describes why she entered Judith Carr special guest on Let's Talk Money with Conrad Negron, July 28, 2014head first into the insurance profession after a long stint of 27 successful years (and “top producer”)  in the mortgage industry, as a mortgage broker and as a mortgage banker (see Linkedin).

Listen to the taped broadcast and see why you should have the insurance coverage you need, and why you should take advantage of today’s insurance products as a wealth generating vehicle in addition to a wealth protection vehicle.

Click now to listen to Judith Carr on “Let’s Talk Money” with Conrad Negron archive.

See Judith Carr’s Linkedin page.

Contact: Judith Carr at WFG/Transamerica.


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